Hi! My name is Gwen. I’m 23 and have been married for 5 years. I work as an office administrator for a Fortune-500 company and my husband is a computer systems analyst. Our sex life has always been great, but this past year, it’s been hotter than ever!

It all started New Year’s Eve. My husband and I went out to celebrate with his friend Phillip. We were drinking and dancing and having a good time, but every now and then, I felt Phil’s hand on my ass. It was strange, but I didn’t mind it too much. In fact, that with the drinks and the atmosphere made me really horny.

During a slow dance with my husband, I told him what Phil had been doing. He didn’t get mad at all. In fact, he got really excited about it and I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against me. He asked how I felt about it and I told him that I was really turned on. We’d talked about having another man join us in bed before, but never very seriously. At that point, I resolved to go ahead and do it. He asked if I wanted to invite Phil home with us and I said yes.

We all went back to our place and my husband made drinks for Phil and me. Then the three of us sat down on the couch and turned on the TV to watch the Times Square broadcast. My husband put his hand up my dress and started rubbing my leg. I was so wet. I looked Phil right in the eyes and asked if he thought I was pretty. He said yes and started kissing me. I took his hand and put it on my thigh, just above the hem of my dress. He started running his hand up and down my leg. By that time, my husband was already working on my clitoris and as soon as Phil’s hand reached my inner thigh, I came.

I unbuttoned my dress, allowing Phil and my husband better access to my breasts. My husband also pulled up my dress, showing Phil my underwear. I was kissing Phil while my husband was kissing my breasts. Both Phil and my husband were working between my legs, trying to get me to come. I just closed my eyes and went out of my mind with pleasure. I couldn’t tell which hands were playing with me. Someone reached down and started playing with my anus and I came again and again.

I needed a break and wanted everyone to get undressed, so I stood up and took off my dress and underwear. I was standing naked before the two men and I could tell that they were really aroused. I told them that they should undressed and join me in the bedroom.

When we finally were all on the bed, I couldn’t wait. I got up on my hands and knees facing Phil. I took him into my mouth and could taste the saltiness of his pre-come. My husband positioned himself behind me and pushed his penis into me. It was so wild and erotic that as soon as my husband started thrusting into me, I couldn’t stop coming. Both Phil and my husband were also pretty wound up and it wasn’t long before they both were shooting their come into me.

After that Phil and my husband switched places and we did it again. It was the most amazing sensation, to be the center of attention of these two men. Everything they did was meant to somehow get me to come. I’ve never come so many times as I did that night. After they both had made love to me, we cuddled on the bed and fell asleep. Since then we have had a number of threesomes with Phil. We’ve even talked about inviting my friend Amelia to join us as well. But that night was a great start to a wonderful new year.

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